When Mom Comes Home

The other night I was on a website called “pinterest” where there are collections of images, you can click on an image and be taken to that website.  I saw a photo of a cute baby with a headband with a caption of “this little girl has an amazing story”  sooooooo…naturally I clicked on it. I should have been warned that it was a sad story.  I was taken to a blog where a mother had lost her baby girl to an illness.  I could only read about a quarter of the blog before I was in tears hysterically sobbing into my pillow. Throughout the blog this mother had placed photos that she had done with her little girl before she passed away.

It was then that I realized that I have hardly any photos of me and my little boy.

I asked Shaun to help me fix this.  I know they aren’t the best…but these were taken about 10 minutes after I came home from work today. I hope that I never, ever, ever take my little prince for granted…I will treasure each kiss, each giggle and every little whimper this little boy will give to me.

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