Why didn’t anyone warn me…

Okay, well maybe everyone warned me but I didn’t believe it.

I didn’t believe how fast he would grow.  Everything is so new to him, his eyes are open, he is taking it all in and finding a place for it to fit in his perfect, growing baby brain.  In light of the horrible tragedy that has clouded Pierce County this week with the Powell family and the two sweet boys who lost their lives, I feel compelled to hold on so tightly to my little prince every spare moment I can. I will never get these moments back with Taylor, but I will always build on them.

This last Sunday we took Taylor to the park near our house.  We put him in the swing and watched him enjoy the wind on his nose.  Daddy took him down the slide for the first time.  He got to play with the wood chips on the ground and explore the climbing ropes. I know there will be many, many more days where he will run and spin and dance and shout and play at these parks ~ and I will watch at a distance as he continues to grow.  But today it was about our family playing together.

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