Why family

I learned long ago that your relationship with your family will carry you far, at the end of the day thats all you have. But in the minutiae of the days we forget the little moments.  The little touch and sly smile that our kids have. As a family photographer I am here to remind you that there were good days. That there is wonder in your children’s eyes, that daddy will always be a super hero and mommy will always be a princess.

I love finding connections between people.  Family is our most intimate and healing relationships. They see the best (and the worst) in us, sometimes within minutes of each other. I bring nearly a decade of photography experience to the table. In a previous life I was a counselor and social worker so the complexity of family dynamics doesn’t phase me a bit. Family can be so messy. Sometimes there are meltdowns during our sessions, always one in the crowd that doesn’t want to cooperate. Family photography has its own kind of beauty, it always has for me.  And it all became so real when I had a session with a family where mom had cancer. Within weeks of our session she was gone; the photos we created together were some of the last healthy moments she had with her husband, her kids, her parents and siblings.  I knew then and there that there was such a WEIGHT to what I do.