Why Film

I learned photography on film, switched to digital for a number of years and learned the business side of photography. Four years ago I returned to my first love, film.

When I pull out my camera at a session I get a look of surprise when I have actual FILM to load in the camera and there are lots of questions about why I’ve chosen to shoot film over digital for my sessions. Film has slowed me down, forced me to learn light, film stock, color and watching for just the PERFECT moment. My clients benefit from every time I push  myself to grow in confidence for this craft. More efficient for my business and my family. I spend less time shooting, less time editing and more time delivering timeless moments to my clients

Over the years I have accepted that life isn’t always seen with picture perfect clarity, but sometimes through the fog. Like after a long night of the baby keeping you up. Or through the tears of losing a loved one. Film sometimes has a bit more of that grittiness that life can bring to the table. Sometimes it has a softer focus that is more like a dream than reality. I adore how film prints – it is a medium that BEGS to be printed and hung on your walls. It longs to tell the story of your family, to be the photographs that get tucked between the pages of your bedside bible or sent to your grandmother so she can have the most recent photo of your children.