Why i love it here

So I take my dog for a walk at least once a day…he needs his excersize so he doesn’t, you know, get fat. No one likes a fat dog, right? So Toby & I are walking around and he needs to sniff and proceed to unrinate on EVERYTHING. and I mean everything…which doubles the time of our liesurely walk. It drives me crazy.

To combat this annoying little habit of tobys I’ve started bringing my iPhone Along so I can take photos of the leaves around tacoma. Because in a couple weeks they are outa here. All that will be left is the skeleton of trees. Let’s face it after Christmas in the northwest things get pretty depressing…I gotta enjoy the plants while we got them around.

Back to my walk with toby. I’m snapping away and getting some fun shots. Now I have a problem. Since I started getting more serious about photography no photo goes untouched. I’ve spent literally hours searching high and low on iTunes for the perfect iPhone photo editing programs for this phone. You would think I would be happy to have an iPhone at all and leave my photography dreams to my d300, but nope, I have to get all strange and obsessive about the pictures I take WITH MY PHONE. two years ago I was just happy to have a phone that could take pixely crappy images…now I can edit them? Sheesh. Don’t I have better things to do with my time?

After that I’m sure everyone is just iching to see the photos from my walk with Toby…

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