Why Prints

Several years ago I got a heart breaking phone call from my friend. Their house had be broken into and what did they take? The computers, the camera, the ipad…all the things that we tend to store our images on were gone, along with the photos the family had stored on them. From that day forward I encourages my clients NOT to leave their images just on their devices, but to print them and place them around your house.

Nothing speaks more to what is important to you than the things you surround yourself with.  There have been countless times where I’ve asked clients what they have done with their photos and they sheepishly admit that the disc is still in their drawer. My hope is to change that by giving my clients every opportunity to get their images printed. Each client gallery is personalized and can be shared with family a friends.  You can purchase individual downloads of your images, but beyond that there is options to purchase physical prints of your timeless memories.

Your kids will only be this age once, why not spring for that huge canvas of those cute smiles?