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Lately I’ve been doing a TON of word searches…it’s a little sad that I’ve spent so much time doing these that it has caused me to spin into frantic introspection about the deeper meaning of these word puzzles.

And the strange thing is that I did in fact some deeper meaning in a…Word search. (yes, this is what my afternoons have digressed to) AND I wouldn’t blame you if you moved on to another, much more interesting and meaningful blog at this point.

But if you decided to stick around here is my insight for the day.

Okay, for some reason about a month ago I started doing word searches with one of the kids that I nanny for. I found this book at Target for like, a dollar, and purchased it without really realizing what then content of the word searches were. Are you ready for this…each search is about a different pop media star. I now know more about Brittany Spears, Gary Coleman and the Dixie Chicks than I ever really wanted to.

As I was staring at these endless lines of letter, my mind had ample time to wander and thought about how I look at these puzzles for over and hour and at first glance the letters run together like gibberish. I would find words that my eyes had glazed over several times. What got me was that once i was searching for a word it would pop out, even if I had skimmed over it before…it wasn’t until I was actively searching for it that it became obvious.

Isn’t life like that too though? I mean I run into a gagillion people a day and never really take notice. But its the intentionality of really starting to SEE the people around us. To see the uniqueness of someone. To seek out and really find the beauty in the originality that God created in each person.

I love that about who we are. Its so easy to overlook those around me…but I’m missing out if I float through life haphazardly. I long to seek the beauty in people. I crave it.

and i think it makes me a better person.

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